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Ants in My Pants

Five months down!


I have now been in Sri Lanka for five months! It is weird to think it has been only five months but in other ways it seems like we have been here for a long time. I've been dealing with the hot and humid weather, but am thankful that we have AC or I think I would have melted by now. It is quite pleasant to be able to step out of your cabana and walk 50 meters to work and then be able to return to the cabana at any time. This is most convenient for lunch and bathroom times. Being the only female in the office, the bathroom is not quite up to par and is missing a toilet seat. I am still white even though I live on the beach or as Dan would say “cracker ass white…oh I mean snowflake white.” My work outfit consists of pants, boots, button up shirt, hard hat and a beautifully bright orange vest. Orange is sooo not the new pink!


Lately, I have been on this peanut butter kick and can not figure out if it is due to being out of the States or what, but damn peanut butter is good! As a kid, I did not particularly love PB&J’s, but here in Sri Lanka with some fresh baked bread they are delicious. Maybe it is the fact I can whip out a PB&J sando in like two minutes. For a while, I was having PB&J’s almost every day for lunch, but then Dan started complaining and I ran out of “Christine’s homemade Jam.” But I recently found Reese’s peanut butter cups in Colombo, so I stocked up on our last visit. Dan does not do peanut butter and chocolate so they are all for me. :)

The cockroach killer has been on standby after the last battle. The cockroach stepped over the line when it crawled onto the bed and across my tummy in the middle of the night. There was a complete lack of sleep that night, but I built up an extreme desire to kill the next morning. Dan and I tore the bedroom apart to find the sucker, but instead found three large cockroaches living under our bed. After Dan captured them and I drowned them in the toilet, we sprayed the whole bed with Anti Cockroach stuff, and placed traps throughout the cabana. You would have thought the battle was over, but after remaking the bed we found another one in the mosquito net. He also fell victim to my intense wrath! The cockroach killer has found two more since the big battle but they were both belly up. We have perhaps won the WAR!

IMG_6897.jpg IMG_6899.jpg

After five months I am still having a little trouble with the ants. Yes I really do mean ants! They get into everything and in no time at all. Really, it is unbelievable how fast ants can travel. I finish my PB&J and only leave a smudge of jam or peanut butter on the plate and leave it on the coffee table while I finish watching the news. The next time I look down at the plate it will be swarming with ants. When trying to wash dishes I usually find a few trying to climb up my arm. That just gives me the itches...damn I am starting to itch just writing about it. Nine out ten times if you think you feel something crawling on you, most likely you actually do have ants in your pants!

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